Precision Air Technology Inc., developer of the Filtrometer electronic air filter monitor able to accurately detect filter condition in both constant and variable airflows. The Filtrometer provides building automation control to heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Integrated into the building automation system the Filtrometer provides air energy control (AEC) by signaling the optimum time to replace air filters, when the cost of energy exceeds the cost of air filters. Most air filters are replaced by a schedule or visual  inspection leaving this important aspect of sustainability and indoor air quality (IAQ) to guess work.


Filtrometer AEC accurately determines the optimum time for replacement of filters based upon the parameters of filter costs and energy costs in constant and variable airflow systems.


Enter your filter costs and kilowatt energy costs into the Filtrometer AEC and it will notifiy when your energy costs (cost to push air through a dirty filter) exceed the cost of air filters.


Filtrometer accurately measures airflow and pressure drop, two key elements of proper building hygiene and maintenance. Once integrated into the building automation controls the owner is given the means to monitor, audit and maintain optimum HVAC efficiency.


With newer more energy efficient variable airflow HVAC sytems, measuring differential pressure across the filter banks is an inaccurate means to  monitor air filter condition because the pressure changes with the increase or decrease of demand for airflow. In some instances, when filter costs are a significant cost, maintenance is reluctant to change without knowing the increased energy cost to push air through dirty filters. 


Integrating Filtrometer AEC, electronic air filter monitor through the Modbus connection to building automation controls provides precision in HVAC energy efficiency and building IAQ.



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Works in conjunction with Automatic Environmental Control Manufacturing (NAICS 334512)
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