Filtrometer™ Air Energy Controller™

How the AEC-3 Works

Filtrometer Air Energy Controller System:


Filtrometer AEC-3 provides filtration, airflow, pressure drop and energy data. Performance and accuracy is enhanced with the Auto Calibration. Once installed, the AEC-3 learns the AHU's individual characteristics of filtration, airflow, and energy usage. Monitor, measure, analyze, and control filtration, airflow and energy costs.


AEC-3 Unique Capabilities:


AEC-3 accurately monitors air filtration in both constant and variable airflow. Monitor air filters, airflow and energy costs and determine optimum time for replacement. Accuracy and reliability are assured with the Automatic Calibration feature.


LEED: Building operations and maintenance:


AEC technology gains U.S. Green Buildings Council™ LEED™ points for your building in several important categories. Following are some of the potential credits available for the building operations and maintenance:

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Performance: 15 points
  • Optimize Energy Efficiency Performance: 1-18 points
  • Performance Measurement, System-Level Metering: 2 points
  • Waste Stream Management: 1 point
  • Innovation in Operations: 6 points

System basics:


Main Controller Unit (MCU) is the main circuit board, ARM processor and RS 485 ports.


Display Module (DM) is the LCD display for remote monitoring display installed at the unit or detached.


Data and parameter access: All measurements... monitor. The AEC-3 is fitted with Mod-bus RT communications protocol.


Auto Calibration Monitoring (ACM)™; The AEC-3 automatically and continuously calibrates the monitor to assure accuracy and repeatability.


Whether your main focus is energy costs, air quality, or filter technology, the AEC-3 accommodates all three.

Works in conjunction with Automatic Environmental Control Manufacturing (NAICS 334512)
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