Applications & Solutions for the Filtrometer™

Precision in Building Operations Monitoring

AEC-3 with Auto Calibration Monitoring (ACM)™
expands monitoring to roof top air handler units

Pharmaceutical, Data Centers and Clean Room Manufacturer:

The cost of providing clean and conditioned air is a significant operational cost. The AEC-3 provides exclusive real time operational performance data on HVAC filtration, airflow, and energy consumption.


Hospitals and Labs:

Hospitals and Labs have the responsibility to maintain strict ventilation and indoor air quality while at the same time operate efficiently. The AEC-3 provides the data on airflow and energy to assure both criteria are met.



Manufacture strives to provide the required indoor air quality at the lowest cost. Unfortunately, filtration and energy usage can be overlooked without and accurate means to monitor and measure performance. How many times have we witnessed a collapsed air filter?


Government and Educational:

Energy and environmental standards require buildings to achieve greater energy efficiency while assuring building hygiene standards are met. The AEC-3 gives administrators the tools and data to measure, monitor, analyze and control air filtration and energy cost.

Air Energy Controller 3™ LED Monitor Features:

  • Measures filter PRESSURE DROP.
  • Measures filter average VELOCITY.
  • Calculates ENERGY being used.
  • Calculates filter CONDITION.
  • Determines REPLACEMENT point when COST, CONDITION, ENERGY &/or TIME parameters are met.
  • All at variable velocities.

Works in conjunction with Automatic Environmental Control Manufacturing (NAICS 334512)
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