Filtrometer™ Air Energy Controller™

Economic Advantages

Monitor, Measure, Analyze and Control Filtration and Energy Costs

1. Fan Energy Efficiency:
Fan energy consumes approximately 14% of U.S. electricity in industry per DOE. For HVAC systems optimizing fan energy can bring real savings.


For example:


Example 1: The Air Energy Controller™ provides the owner accurate data on the life cycle costs of air filtration. The owner selected energy as the replacement parameter.


Example 2: Using a differential pressure gauge, the owner has chosen to extend the life of the filters and incur higher energy costs.


Assume a 30hp Air Handler, 350 fpm, variable frequency drive, 15 pre-filters & 15 extended surface, 8760 hr/year, 10ft x 5ft filter bank, 0.10/kWh:

Product Energy Man-hrs Filter Inspect Total Cost
1: Air Energy Controller™ $3,271.00 N/A $3271.00
2: Differential pressure gauge $4,907.00 $300.00 $5207.00


With accurate monitoring, the air filters can be changed based upon IAQ and fan energy analysis.


Using the Filtrometer™ AEC the owner replaces the filters at 1.0” W.C. as opposed to using differential pressure replacing at 1.5” W.C. and incurring increased energy costs.


Annual Energy Savings: $1,636.00
Maintenance Cost Savings: $300.00
Total Annual Savings: $1,936.00

Works in conjunction with Automatic Environmental Control Manufacturing (NAICS 334512)
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